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How do you find the talented team member you need to take your business to the next level? How do you find someone local that believes in your vision?

Why don't you ask us. All of us.
Ask Huntsville and start local.

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    #openHSV was created by the community, for the community. We wanted to build a resource for our businesses and a tool that connects us.

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Why would I join #openHSV?

"Together we are better, alone we fail."

If you want to help others and see your business grow, wait no longer. The heart of #openHSV is wrapped in the credo which we stand behind.

  1. We create things.
  2. We grow our community.
  3. We help others succeed.
  4. We clear the way.
  5. We overcome barriers.
  6. We solve problems.
  7. We love Huntsville.
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We make, design, engineer, create, illuminate, record, capture, code, program, open, decide, speak, blend, paint, construct, launch, markup, ignite, form, defend, ink.

We are Huntsville

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