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  • 32/10


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    32/10 ("thirty-two ten") is an innovation-focused social group for young professionals in Huntsville. We connect YPs with entrepreneurial leaders, deep-dive innovative concepts, and facilitate high-value networking events in an effort to foster a culture of entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship.

  • 3D Printing Huntsville

    3D Printing Huntsville

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    Group led by David Cantrell to further learning about 3D printing and promote social events

  • 4 Hours To Product

    4 Hours To Product

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    4 Hours to Product is a monthly competition comprised of teams of innovators from different professional backgrounds who collaborate, from idea to prototype, to create impactful new technological products through rapid brainstorming and development - in only four hours.

  • 5 Points Blok

    5 Points Blok

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  • ACE Creative Engagement

    ACE Creative Engagement

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    Huntsville based technology startup addressing the challenges of running events.

  • Ads 102 Workshop

    Ads 102 Workshop

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    Brand Awareness-How to reach my audience without spamming? How do I manage my campaigns? When should I launch?

  • Adulting 101

    Adulting 101

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    Adulting 101 is a local group that meets at CoWorking Night. We teach basic principles, knowledge and life skills, you probably should've been taught somewhere along the way, but probably weren't. Learn about credit scores, how to buy a house, car, stocks/bonds, taxes and so much more.

  • After Hours Game Dev

    After Hours Game Dev

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    The After Hours Game Developers (AH:GD) is a group with the goal of fostering local video game creation and encouraging community.



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  • AIAA Working Group on Interstellar Travel

    AIAA Working Group on Interstellar Travel

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    Working group on interstellar travel sponsored by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Greater Huntsville Section. Group will engage with Tennessee Valley Interstellar Workshop to collaborate with others in the field. There are also competition/challenges the group may participate in.

  • OpenHSV showcases over 121 groups who call Huntsville their home. Register or Login to see them all.

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